Parents contributing towards property purchases for their children are unable to lend as much as they used to, research from Legal & General shows.

The Bank of Mum and Dad (BoMaD) is set to help fund 316,600 house purchases in 2018 - an increase of around 6% compared to 298,300 in 2017.

However, the amount that parents are able to contribute has decreased by 17% over the same time suggesting many are feeling the squeeze on their finances.

The average BoMaD contribution is estimated at £18,000 for 2018, down from £21,600 in 2017.

Although these contributions are reducing, many buyers are still reliant on parental help, with 27% receiving financial support from friends or family when buying a home.

Nigel Wilson, group chief executive at Legal & General, said:

"The volume of transactions depending on BoMaD funding keeps on growing, even as parents find it harder to provide as much money for the deposit.

"This is not a positive trend - nor is it sustainable or fair for our parents and young people to remain so co-dependent when it comes to housing purchases.

"We need to take action to fix the housing market and open up affordability for all."

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